Flowing Body Basics

Flowing Body Basics is a carefully designed series of four short movement lessons (25-minutes each), designed to be repeated many times as a stand-alone program. By addressing the basic movement functions of flexion (forward bending), extension (bending back), standing, and rotation, these four lessons bring added awareness to virtually all movement functions. I have used these same lessons in yoga workshops to improve the ease of getting into and maintaining related yoga poses. With some variations, these lessons have all appeared on this website as past Lessons of the Month; you can look over the lessons before you order.

Each of these lessons is to some degree a "sublesson" of one of the longer Flowing Body, Flexible Mind lessons on the larger set. Also, the Basics lessons are more typical Feldenkrais lessons in that they do not invite your awareness to emotions, beliefs, and other psychological themes that affect movement, and which are important elements of the larger tape set. Finally, the Basics lessons involve movements which are fundamental but which are not necessarily easy for everyone to do; a useful approach is to do all four lessons in sequence the first time, and then repeat each lesson several times in a row over a similar time period. Each repetition will deliver new insights.

Over the years I have found that variations on these lessons are the ones I return to again and again to relieve stress, restore balance, and bring me back to my center. Repeated numerous times over a period of several months, they will bring noticeable improvement in comfort and quality of movement. As with the complete eight-hour Flowing Body, Flexible Mind set, satisfaction is guaranteed, or your money will be cheerfully refunded.