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          --Zen Master Rinzai
Feldenkrais Links
This set of links takes you to sites which either provide additional information or feature interesting applications of the Feldenkrais Method.
Find Your Local Practitioner
Feldenkrais Guild Home Page
Articles about Feldenkrais Method
Info and articles at Rich Goldsand's Home Page
Kathryn Goldman Schuyler
Applying Feldenkrais to organizational and personal development.
Alice Brydges' great site using Feldenkrais to ease the trauma of breast cancer and related surgeries.
Effortless Gardening
Miriam Levenson's innovative application of Feldenkrais to ease the aches and pains particular to gardening.
Senseability Newsletter
Great set of articles showing the widely varied applications of the Feldenkrais Method.
ISSE Trainings for Certification as a Teacher of the Feldenkrais Method®
offered by Paul Rubin and Julie Casson Rubin. Both were trained by Dr. Feldenkrais and have been in practice for over 30 years. Their site also has a number of interesting articles on the Method, some rare.
Linda Tellington-Jones' Feldenkrais-inspired method for working with horses and companion animals.
More on T-Touch
Mary Debono's SENSE Method
Another application of Feldenkrais for working with horses, riders, and companion animals
Thomas Kirschner Seminars, Germany
General information (in several languages) on the Feldenkrais Method and Feldenkrais trainings in Germany
Reese Movement Institute
This site includes books, tapes, and training information from Mark Reese and Donna Ray-Reese.
Hans Holter Solhjell-- Feldenkrais in Norway
Mostly in Norwegian, this site includes some video in English.
Hakomi Links
This set of links takes you to sites which either provide additional information or feature interesting applications of the Hakomi Method.
Hakomi Institute Home Page
Hakomi founder Ron Kurtz' home page
Donna Martin's Home Page
Dharma Links
Information about Buddhism or Buddhist practice.

Zen Guide
An attractive portal on the concepts of Buddhism and Zen.
Zen Stories
Well-known koans with links to more.
Institute of Zen Studies
Kwan Um School of Zen
The entry portal for American Zen Centers in the Korean tradition led by Zen Master Seung Sahn.
Zen Buddhism Reading List
Zen Buddhist Texts
Maria Kannon Zen Center