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About Rich Frye


"A man who holds a cat by its tail will learn something he can learn in no other way." --Mark Twain

We are all holding a cat by the tail, a sort of "Cat of the Unconscious Body." But this is a very difficult cat to let free, because it is none other than our own personal history-- a lifetime of physical and emotional injuries, limiting beliefs, and damaging movement habits struggling to be free. Personality is not separable from posture.

The message of this site is very simple: my tapes will make you feel better than you usually do, and more effective than you usually are. And they will do that in a relaxing, enjoyable way.

As we pass beyond youth, our histories begin to manifest in our bodies as physical pain, poor postural habits, emotional stress, and limited mobility. Flowing Body movement lessons, based on the Feldenkrais Method, lead you through a wide range of fascinating movement explorations which improve freedom of movement, relieve stress, promote relaxation, and restore an easy, balanced posture.

"We make the impossible possible, the difficult easy, and the easy elegant." --Moshe Feldenkrais

The full set of Flowing Body, Flexible Mind tapes consists of ten 50-minute lessons on seven audio cassettes. Through a systematic sequence of interesting and unusual movements, these lessons integrate every part of your body into new patterns of moving and being.

These nine hours of professionally recorded lessons are enjoyable, intriguing, and deeply relaxing. They address practically every kind of movement your body can do in a comprehensive, carefully structured way. The entire set is only $65. plus postage, and includes the four Flowing Body Basics lessons (see below) on an eighth cassette.

"Feldenkrais is the most sophisticated method I have seen for the prevention and reversal of deterioration of function."
        --Margaret Mead

Each complete lesson contains several sublessons which work with the same parts of the body in different ways, providing natural stopping points for a day's practice. By using the ten "Rolfing" sessions as a template, I designed the elements of each lesson to integrate specific muscle groups into different kinds of movements.

You benefit from integration at three levels. First, each sublesson integrates the whole body into one kind of movement (a typical Feldenkrais lesson). Second, the sublessons within each whole lesson differentiate and integrate the same parts of the body into different kinds of movements. And third, the entire set of ten lessons is carefully designed to integrate the whole body into a wide range of new, more comfortable patterns.

[See detailed lesson descriptions]

The lessons have gone through three editions since 1993, in a continuing effort to make them even more effective. Guarantee: If the lessons do not improve how you stand, move, feel, express, respond, and create, and improve your everyday sense of well-being in your body, by whatever standard you want to apply, simply return them for a full refund.

Flowing Body Basics is a compact set of four powerful 25-minute Feldenkrais lessons in a two-cassette album. Each lesson first appeared here as a Lesson of the Month, and is a particularly powerful sublesson of one of the longer Flowing Body, Flexible Mind lessons described above. These are core lessons I revisit frequently to relieve stress and regain a sense of easy balance and focus..."that Feldenkrais feeling."

[Basics lesson descriptions]

These four lessons comprise a concentrated, stand-alone personal development program on their own, and also serve as an inexpensive introductory sampler, at $15 (including postage). FB Basics carries the same guarantee of satisfaction as the larger set: if the lessons don't work for you , send'em back for a full refund! But please note: though these lessons are simple and basic, they are demanding; but each repetition will deliver new insights into your own organization--and your own current limits.

Rich Frye
2072 Granger Way
Lummi Island, WA 98262