Lesson of the Month #24 (2/99)

For safety and best results, read instructions before doing lessons!

Aligning the Legs

Walking, standing, carriage of the trunk and head over the feet, differentiating functional elements of the legs.

Works with:
Alignment of feet, ankles, knees, and legs with the pelvis and spine.

1. Begin by walking mindfully...notice how your feet strike the floor...compare the two feet...notice how your weight feels on each foot...observe the relationships among your feet, knees, pelvis, and head as you walk.

2. Lie on your back with feet against a wall, about hip width apart, and knees bent at about 90 degrees...explore a very light movement of pressing and releasing your feet into the wall.... your waist presses in to the floor as you push, and lifts as you release....Do you feel taller when you press your feet into the wall?...then alternately press one foot and then the other into the wall, and notice how your pelvis responds...and bring your feet to the floor and rest.

3. Both feet against wall as before... again lightly push and release the feet into the wall...walk the feet up the wall in little steps...at each step, press and release first one foot gently into the wall, and then the other...does your pelvis tilt or roll?...in some positions the pressing feels stronger, and you feel it further up your spine...notice differences between right and left...and rest.

4.Feet against wall... again press and release both feet...open the knees a little wider and repeat it...and continue in small increments like that until feet are comfortably wide apart...notice how your body responds...and rest.

5. Again both feet against the wall...press only the right foot into the wall...go slowly...press a few times as if trying to push your knee toward the wall.... and then the back of your thigh... and then as if somehow pushing from your right buttock....Notice how you use your foot differently each way...and rest.

6. Same position...repeat pressing the right foot into the wall...but now explore it with the knee a little to the right of the foot...and directly over the foot...and to the left of the foot...and rest.

7. Now press and release the ball of your right foot into the wall a few times...roll the ball to different orientations as you do it... and then the heel a few times, in different orientations...and then let both feet down and rest.

8. Again both feet against the wall... roll your right foot onto the outside edge and press, first near the heel several times and then near the little toe...notice where your knee wants to go... and roll the foot onto the inside edge, and press near the heel... and near the ball of the foot...and let the feet down and rest.

9. Same position as before...again press the right foot gently into the wall...then move the foot to different places on the wall, and different orientations, and press... Notice how your body responds to each pressure of the foot, and which sensations your body likes better...it should be feeling stronger in many orientations now...can you feel a connection between each foot and the center of your torso?...and let your feet down, move away from the wall, stretch out, and rest...feel the differences in the two sides.

10. Come up to standing....just stand and notice differences between the two feet...walk around mindfully, and notice the differences....

11. Again lie down on your back near a wall, and repeat #3.

12. Repeat #4 through #9 with the left foot.

13. Repeat #10.