Feldenkrais Lesson of the Month Index
     Flowing Body, Flexible Mind
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NumberTitle ThemesWorks with*
1 Gentle TwistDifferential rotationSpine, hips, shoulders, neck
2 A Little FlexionStress relief, lengthening backForward bending
3 A Little ExtensionLooking up, bending backActivating posterior musculature
4 Rolling Side to SideFlexibility and mobility of rib cageOpening chest, coordinated rotation of spinal elements.
5 Arm to the BackCoordinated twisting of the upper body Differentiating upper back, shoulders, and neck muscles.
6 TumbleweedsFreeing lower back and hip jointsHip joints, pelvis, lower back
7 WatchamasaurusStanding, looking up, bending backJust about everything!
8 Reaching UpReaching upward, bending backBalancing diagonal movement
9 Freeing the ShouldersReaching out, meeting the world. Differentiates shoulders from ribs, neck, and spine
10 DiagonalsDiagonal reaching and lengtheningConnecting arms and legs thru trunk
11 Freeing the Upper BackPosture and balance of the upper body.Relief of common shoulder tension
12 Calibrating FlexorsPatterns of flexionCoordination of front and back muscles
13Standing, CenteringVertical alignmentFeet, ankles, legs, pelvis, spine, and head
14Waking the SpineDifferential movements of spineSpine, trunk, shoulders, neck
15Calibrating ExtensorsBending back, looking upPosterior musculature
16Head and ShouldersCarriage of the headShoulders, head and neck
17Alphabet ChantingBody and breath in vocalizationMouth, jaw, throat, tongue, diaphragm
18Flexible FeetSupple feet for improved balanceFeet, ankles, hips, lower back
19Carriage of the TorsoCarriage of upper bodyFunctionally connecting the upper body to the pelvis
20Throwing ArrowsCounter-rotation of hips and shouldersHead, neck, arms, shoulders, chest, waist
21Long BackWalking, running, reachingConnecting arms and legs through trunk
22Soles TogetherOpening pelvis and hip jointsHip joints, lower back, spine
23Twisting and LengtheningLengthening through diagonalsWhole body, hands to feet
24Aligning the LegsWalking, standing, carriage of torsoFeet, legs, pelvis, spine
25Shoulder OpenerReaching, throwing, using hand toolsShoulders, arms, wrists, forearms, torso
26Neck, Shoulders, and EyesTurning and lookingNeck, upper spine and back, head, eyes, shoulders, hips.
27Pelvis and NeckRelating head to spine and pelvisHead, neck, pelvis, spine.
28Roll From Back to SittingRolling, twisting, and turningIntegrating trunk, spine, and limbs
29Rolling and TwistingDifferential rotation of head, hips, chestTwisting and lengthening the torso
30Spine and ShouldersDifferential articulation of spineSpine, ribs, back, thorax
31Aligning the Legs IIPlane of motion of legsFeet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back
32Torsion BarRolling, twisting, and lengthening the trunkLegs, hip joints, spine, trunk, shoulders, neck
33Trunk TwistSitting, turning, twisting Spine, hip joints, torso, neck, eyes
34Seated TwistTurning and twisting the torsoDifferentiating spine, hips, head, neck
35Freeing the Arms and HandsFine movements of handsArms, wrists, shoulders, upper spine.
36Hip CirclesWalking, rolling, reaching, power movements Turning waist, differential rotation of hips and shoulders
37Softening the TrunkTwisting the torsoTrunk, waist, ribs, spine
38Rolling from Stomach to BackRolling from stomachWhole body
39SwimwalkSwimming, walking, twistingWhole body
40Big EyesAwareness and use of the eyesEyes, face, neck, head, spine
41Swinging the LegsConnecting legs to torsoFeet, legs, back, chest
42Tongue and Throat Relating tongue and neck to spine Tongue, throat, neck, spine, and pelvis
43Connecting legs through upper spineExtending functional leg into torso Legs, spine, ribs, hips, shoulders
44IschiaAwareness of sitting bones Pelvis, legs, spine
45OscillationsRhythmic movement of body Vertical alignment
46Ankles and KneesConnecting feet to hips Ankles, knees, hips, spine
47Stabilizing Your CenterShifting your weight Dynamic alignment
48Turning the WaistCoordinating pelvis and chest Hips, shoulders, chest, spine
49Pelvic ClocksMobility of the pelvis Pelvis, ribs, waist, spine
50Aligning the KneesAligning knees with feet and hips Knees, feet, hips, spine
51Waking the Spine (Chair) Spine, ribs , torsoRanges of spinal motion
52More Shoulder Circles Differentiate shoulder movementsShoulders, ribs, spine, neck
53 Waking the Feet Clarifying movements of the feetFeet, ankles, legs, hips
54Bow string Distribution of bending movementsHead to feet
55Fat TireOpening the ribs and breathDistribution of rolling movements
56 Initiating Extension Organizing the backPosterior musculature
57Halo Arms Flexibility of the torso, shoulder girdle, waist, ribs Shoulders, spine, ribs, sides
58Smile 1 Face we show the worldMuscles of the face and head
59Smile 2 Faces we show the worldMuscles of the face and head
60Energizing Your Center Mobilizing your centerMuscles of the trunk
61Head circles Supporting head and neckNeck, shoulders, chest, spine

*Note: Do not be misled by language; while specific lessons may focus on particular parts of the body, all these lessons work to integrate the overall organization of the whole body and the whole person. It is good to keep in mind that we have no separate parts, only one very complex system.